The Golf In Society Podcast

A Holistic Approach to Health In Sheffield

November 22, 2023 Anthony Blackburn - Founder of Golf in Society
The Golf In Society Podcast
A Holistic Approach to Health In Sheffield
Show Notes

Welcome to episode Six of The Golf in Society Podcast, where guest host Rob Sadler interviews participants and carers involved in Golf in Society's research project in Sheffield. This innovative programme offers much-needed respite to carers while allowing participants to get outside, mix with others and enjoy the beautiful green spaces and clean, fresh air.

Rob also sits down with PGA Pro Tom Pipes to discuss inclusivity in golf, making the sport more accessible, and promoting an active and fun lifestyle. Jack Samways, an occupational therapist, speaks to the transformative aspect of golf and how the project takes a holistic approach to wellness. Finally, Jill Lomax provides insight into her role in recruiting participants.

If you're interested in getting involved in this groundbreaking research project, please contact Jill Lomax at 07598265428 or email Tune in to this exciting episode as we uncover the positive impact that golf can have on both individuals and their communities.

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